Edaalat-e-Ali and their hack into Iranian Judicial system

ٍEdaalate Ali group, with access to the Tehran Judiciary System, has placed over three million judicial documents, including private lawsuits, wholesale on its website. The publication of information from over three million cases since 1387 or early 1402 is one of the most heinous cases of public defamation and violations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to date. Public defamation is one of the punishable offenses in the European Union, and violation of general privacy protection laws can entail extensive penalties. Following WikiLeaks scandals or subsequent scandals, usually white or black hat hackers selectively publish materials. The Edaalate Ali , by extensively publishing these documents and declared that it does not have much respect for Iranian dignity, has shown itself as an uncertain and unreliable group. Surely, the group’s goals, whatever they may be, do not serve the interests of the Iranian society in defending social and international identity and dignity. Opposition to the Islamic Republic cannot be an excuse for punishing millions of Iranians and violating their privacy.

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