Charter of Establishment of Administrative Wing of Canon of Medicine and Law

With respect and courtesy,

Following the charter of establishment dated 26.10.2023 for the formation of the Red Lion and Sun Society of Iran and the supplementary proposal for amendments on 16.12.2023, the Canon of Medicine and Law (Social Democrat), as the administrative body of the Canon of Medicine and Law (Iranian Watchdog of Medical and Legal Society), adopts a civil approach to pursue civil and medical lawsuits and civil complaints (medical ethics) as a non-governmental organization (NGO).

The Medical and Legal Watchdog (Iranian Medical and Legal Society) will voluntarily investigate any complaint in which government intervention or sanctions prevent governmental functions from supporting their citizens, in a non-binding manner.


Secretary of the Canon of Medicine and Law

Dr. Amirali R. Davoudpour (Ph.D., L.LM.)

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