The Significance of Transcendental Perspectives on Major Issues (Historical Guidance)

By: Dr. Dr. Amirali Rostam Davoudpour

Secretary of the Iranian Canon of Medicine and Law (Social Democrat)

The first essay I embarked upon without prior background was a brief piece titled ‘What Should Be Done?’ In it, I responded to some of my own inquiries about what I perceived as shortcomings, addressing topics such as love and the importance of influence in the hearts and minds of others. Years have passed since the incomplete essay, and love, a pursuit I engaged in during my years of study in Germany, turned into a dedication. In the face of the truth of the world, amidst the war against ISIS and the people and civilization of the Middle East, it evolved into an inclination towards compassion. Buddha’s compassion for the care and love for the people of the world, urging the abandonment of the challenges of the world, but what befalls those who abandon the world?

When you, without insight and perspective on global issues that we will delve into later, show respect and approval for them, it is akin to giving your vote to that subject and its leaders or, better put, selling yourself and your visions and participating in their fate. If you have taken a side in the midst of the Israel-Palestine conflict, supporting someone who perpetrates the killing of fellow human beings and promotes the acceptance and propagation of money and weapons in reshaping the global order, you will undoubtedly follow their path and conduct. To explain the term “conduct,” it is necessary to know that humans have conduct, although this conduct is often involuntary and unconscious. Many believe that conduct is the way of mystics, religious people, and those in the realm of spirituality. However, the reality is that mystics and people of spirituality have chosen a spiritual conduct, and other humans have their conduct in the pursuit of news and also in their opinions.

When a wayfarer takes a stance and thinks well of it, even if unintentionally, they have taken a step in that direction as a ruler and the ruled, albeit a small one.

However, those who heat up news and issues for your opinions and thoughts, guiding you towards their direction and goal, invite you towards the challenges facing that subject and involve you in its consequences. Among these is support for Israel, whether it involves child killings or supporting Hamas, promoting racism and hostility towards Afghanistan, Arab animosity, and…

By liking everyday topics, even small words, you unknowingly cast your vote (wisdom) on that subject and take a step towards a subject that, in terms of terminology, may bring you temporary salvation, funding, and order, but this is the word ‘challenge’ in the valley of knowledge. It must be understood that earthly and timely challenges in the world are endless. Earthly challenges are our daily news and opinions that we either express opinions about or even pass by without an opinion. However, timely challenges involve knowledge and awareness of challenges, struggles, and even historical tragedies. Irresponsible and uninformed opinions cannot be expressed about historical complexes, and caution is particularly necessary for politicians and those who undertake the leadership and management of society when expressing opinions about historical and timely complexities.

In the end, wisdom (vote) is a word that rises in parallel with these complexes and challenges to reach its goal (Nirvana and tranquility). This article has been written to satirize and explain the statement of good thought and good speech, and its importance is such that Rumi says:

Your thought goes somewhere, and then it draws you there.

And this means that from thieves of votes and enemies of wisdom, one must seek safety and observe caution. Especially for politicians and those who take on the responsibility of guiding and managing society, it is crucial to exercise caution when expressing opinions about historical complexes, earthly and timely complexes, and challenges.

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