Decision 1: Annulment of medical documents and titles related to Israel

کانون پزشکی و حقوق ایران

According to the charter dated 26.10.2023 of the former Red Sun and Lion Society of Iran and the supplementary proposal of changes dated 16.12.2023, the Law and Healing Association, the administrative wing of the Law and Healing Association, is formed under the name of the Iranian Medical and Legal Association (Canon of Medicine and Law) with a civil approach to pursue civil and medical lawsuits and complaints (medical ethics) beyond the government’s jurisdiction.

۱۴۰۲ بهمن ۱۵


Decision Number 1

According to Decision Number 1 of the Medical and Legal Association of Iran, the Administrative Wing of the Law and Healing Association, considering the systematic abuse by the Zionist regime of Israel of medical attire and titles for terrorist and military purposes, including the destruction of medical and hospital properties, assassination of individuals in medical infrastructures, violation of international commitments in medical sciences, medical oaths, and medical ethics, all medical documents related to Israel are declared null and void by a non-binding decision of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Medical and Legal Association of Iran. Warnings are issued regarding medical referrals (with a lower degree), credits, privileges, and conferences.

The Medical and Legal Watchdog Organization of Iran (Medical and Legal Association of Iran) will review any complaint in which governmental action to support their citizens is not accessible due to government interference or sanctions, on a non-binding basis.

Secretary of Canon of Medicine and Law

Dr. Amirali R. Davoudpour

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