Stop the genocide in Gaza

Horrifying scenes capturing the final breaths of a minor child (Fadi Shaheen, 6 years old martyr), a result of an Israeli artillery shell, have unfortunately become a commonplace occurrence in Gaza. However, such scenes possess the potential to awaken a nation, urging them to cease their support and perhaps take action against the violations of human rights and dignity, particularly those concerning the rights of children.

The world has not witnessed a more devastating conflict against the younger generation before, and we can only categorize it as an egregious act of genocide.

Such horrific acts have been described by Raz Segal, an Israeli associate professor of Holocaust and genocide studies at Stockton University in the US as a textbook case of genocide. The term which would be exemplary in the future history of the Zionist nation to bear the tremendous shame and disgrace of being amongst the terrorist states of the 21st century, and the only one so far to carry such a painful cross of dishonorment.

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