The disgrace of the axis of evil, an achievement of the children of Gaza.

Kian Pirfalak and Karoon Hajizadeh were symbols of confrontation and severity of the Islamic Republic against its opposition, placing the Islamic Republic alongside child-killing governments. The Iranian mindset, from the severity of the Islamic Republic accepted and related such atrocities to the govenment, and Iranian martyrs sacrificed their values ​​and lives for the disgrace of the Islamic Republic. Hussain ibn Ali (a holy entity in the mindset of major Shia Iranians) challenged the ruling system by sacrificing himself and became a lesson for those who think that defeat in the field is the end of values (especially noticeable during the suppression and silence of the people’s voices in the Islamic Republic).

Slander, defamation, and curse were the Islamic Republic’s share of the daily discourse of a nation that until before October 2023 had not seen its international axis of evil and the greatness of its severity. Since the beginning of Israel’s attack on Gaza, eleven thousand eight hundred innocent children (11,800) have lost their lives, and the number of children trapped under rubble caused by American bombs is unknown. Images of murdered and mutilated children and their massacres receive less coverage in mainstream media. No one wants to see such images of slaughtered children and infants in a routine basis. Even the media in the Islamic Republic cannot use all the transmitted images from Gaza for government propaganda.

In the midst of famine in Gaza, the US government is trying to secure a $95 billion arms aid package for Ukraine and Israel, while cutting $65 million in aid to UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) on unsubstantiated charges of a few of its ambulances being used during the transport of Hamas militants.

However, amidst all this, George Bush’s remarks on delineating the axis of evil before the Iraq war return in a manner so atrocious that their choice of good and evil is discriminatory and based on racial, financial, and military choices.

Israel and its supporters not only vividly demonstrated the nature of the axis of evil to the world but also instilled in humanity the idea not to rush into delineating the levels of evil and to be careful of their actions and behaviors so as not to fall into the abyss of disgrace that Israel and America have fallen into.

The Islamic Republic has no way but to improve to meet the demands of the people and become a shelter for all Iranians, including protesters, but Israel, Israel has no way out as they committed capital crimes.

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