In the corruption of a tradition – “Chaharshanbe Suri” or “Blind Wednesday”.

The sparks of destruction of one of the beautiful Iranian traditions – “Chaharshanbe Suri” – were ignited in the late years of 1374 and 1375, days when fire-lighting and gathering around the fire turned into the use of sound bombs and the commerce of irregular fireworks.

According to Jafar Miadfar, the head of Iran’s emergency services, in last night’s Chaharshanbe Suri ceremony, the death toll has reached a minimum of 14 people, with a total of 114 cases of limb amputation, 573 cases of eye injuries, and 594 cases of burns reported. It has been reported that the number of injured is at least 1790.

The use of sound bomb fireworks, such as handheld firecrackers, not only endangers the makers but also puts passersby and uninvolved individuals at risk, creating problems for families with patients and children.

Iran has never been able to ensure relative security and commercial viability of this ancient ceremony, unlike European countries (New Year’s Eve) and the American July 4th celebrations, by regulating the market for flammable and fire-starting materials. In fact, we have witnessed the politicization of Chaharshanbe Suri and it`s casualties in recent years. Dirty streets and burnt properties are also among the outcomes of this uncivilized behavior of recent years. Every year, Chaharshanbe Suri is at risk of turning into a national disaster.

Part of this hostility towards national culture and customs is due to government opposition to dancing and music and the lack of an authority to organize ancient rituals like Chaharshanbe Suri in an organized and dignified manner. In fact, the mechanism of honoring cultural heritage has no meaning for the government, leading people to act in a disorderly and self-motivated manner, engaging in dangerous, scattered, and unsightly activities.

The absence of the traditional fire norm, which has been lit for thousands of years, has turned Chaharshanbe Suri into “Chaharshanbe Suzi” or “Chaharshanbe Kuri.”

“Some of yesterday’s youth, can’t see the world today.”

Can any bad habit or abnormality be promoted for political reasons and in an impersonal and improper manner? The torment and destruction of fire have never had the sanctity of Ahura Mazda (ancient lord of Persia), and this mixture is the subject of false philosophers, false teachers, and false news. Silent, noisy, and dishonorable death of the children of this land is like addiction, benefiting no one. Let us realize the silent death of the children of this country.

“Never ignite yourself for the sake of dishonored habit or cheap enmity.”

Dr. Amirali R. Davoudpour
Secretary of the Law and Healing Society

Direct translation from Persian: OpenAI. (2024). ChatGPT (3.5) [Large language model].

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