Abuse of the meaning of democracy

Apparently, the use of grandiose words for malevolent concepts in recent Middle Eastern affairs is unceasing.

Lately, the application of the word “democracy” in reference to one of the most abhorred governments in the world, namely Israel, is so ridiculed that it undermines the concept of democracy and undermines the principles and use of terms in global affairs.

Similarly, the use of the word “terrorism” concerning a besieged, oppressed, and corrupt nation seems absurd and ludicrous.

According to Mick Wallace, a member of the European Parliament, in the past twenty years, the United States alone has used bombs and missiles as much as the whole world, while China has not used a bomb in the last forty years. Nevertheless, America accuses China of terrorism.

The #US has over 800 Military Bases worldwide, has dropped more bombs in the last 20 years than the rest of the world put together. #China hasn’t dropped a bomb on anyone in the last 40 years – But China is a threat to Peace and Security in the world..? https://t.co/1110lmuD15— Mick Wallace (@wallacemick) February 4, 2023

Such linguistic disgrace and dependence on America and, at times, glorification of Israel, have exhausted and ensnared many Iranian peace-seekers, freedom-fighters, and reformists, as aligning with Israel and ignoring the suffering of the people makes the truth and spirit of the struggle for social freedom and civil rights meaningless.

These meaningless actions and words, meaning hypocritical and mocking, have now become more evident and clear to the majority of the gray society who do not have a political experience perspective but follow social news. This does not mean that understanding this matter will deter the deceitful media from trying to obfuscate and distort meanings. Eventually, the two dimensions and the truth of human elements, namely forgetfulness and self-interest, will eventually deter people from pursuing horrific content, but the mocking efforts and planned actions of politicians and their news agencies will continue to function.

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